The Empire of Lies

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

Ron Paul

Something has bothered me for a while now.  This will likely be the first of several posts about it, because there are several topics all sort of connected. You’re thinking, “It’s 2020.  We’re all bothered, man.”  I like to think that it takes a lot for something to really get under my skin, I mean to the point that it actually disturbs and grieves me beyond being a minor annoyance.  I accepted a long time ago that not everyone will like me, not every experience will be enjoyable, some people just aren’t easy to get along with, and bad things happen.  

I realize this is employing a level of transparency I’m not used to, but something about the last few months has gotten to me.  I don’t feel fear over current events, necessarily.  I wasn’t afraid that COVID was going to kill me or that rioters are going to murder me or torch my workplace or whatever.  My anxiety was different—deeper, somehow, and I think I finally have the means to express it, so here goes:

I am fed up with being treated as deranged, criminal, or subversive for stating what were self-evident facts not that long ago.

Now, whether anyone reading this will actually agree with me or if this is just a personal catharsis is beside the point.  This is my blog and I’ll say what I want, after all.  I’m sure some already agree with me.  Others may come around to my point of view.  Others of you will just be triggered, but such is life.

Those of you who are Star Trek fans may remember an episode of The Next Generation titled “Frame of Mind”.  (Yes, really, another Star Trek reference.)  The episode begins with Commander Riker rehearsing for a play on the U.S.S. Enterprise, where he will be portraying a patient in a mental institution.  Before the play is performed, however, he is assigned to an undercover mission to try to recover several operatives on a planet where the government just collapsed, and some of the terrorist factions trying to take power were utilizing torture tactics.  He later finds himself in a real mental institution on the planet, eerily similar to the one from the play, with no memory of how he got there.  Throughout the rest of the episode, he randomly switches places between the hospital and the Enterprise, with the people in each place telling him the other isn’t real, until he starts to actually lose his sanity because he can’t tell what around him is real and what isn’t.  (Turns out that everything right up to the end of the episode was in his head.  He really had been rehearsing for the play and had been sent on the undercover mission but had been captured by one of the terrorist factions.  They were trying to probe his mind for information, and the events of the episode were all in his head, created as a defense mechanism against the mind probe.)

I’m having a full-frontal nerd moment, I know, but the episode involves a sane man trapped in a world that doesn’t make sense, being told that he both is and isn’t crazy, until he finally starts to actually go mad.  And all the while he keeps telling himself, “I may be surrounded by insanity, but I am not insane.”  And that’s about how I feel.

I don’t know who is worse—the people with power and influence who devise completely arbitrary and nonsensical “rules” for how the world should operate, or the people who are presented with those totally irrational, illogical, and insane ideas and respond by saying, “That sounds reasonable.”

A few months ago, I ranted about the “rules” of the coronavirus pandemic, pointing out all the unscientific contradictions being fed to us by “experts” who have clearly been talking out of a body opening other than their mouths for months.  And I’m sure you’ve seen the memes, so I won’t present any of this like you haven’t heard it before.  They tell us we shouldn’t go to church because we can contract the virus there, but they encourage mass protests.  It isn’t safe to have a few thousand spectators in a large, open ballpark, but it is safe for thousands of people to riot in the streets.  We shouldn’t vote in person because it isn’t safe to gather in large crowds, but hundreds of demonstrators gathered in a large crowd to protest against in-person voting because they were afraid they’d have to gather in a large crowd.  And here’s the one that particularly frosts me: a person can be denied service in a restaurant for not wearing a piece of cloth over his/her face one specific spot around the door, but when he/she walks 8-10 feet from that spot into the dining area, it’s perfectly okay to remove the cloth from his/her face and go on.

But God forbid any of us point out the gaping fallacy, because we’ll be accused of being selfish and not caring if people die.  After all, people with titles and degrees said it, so it must be correct, so why can’t we just accept it?  They try to gaslight us by calling it “the new normal”.  They sneer at us with condescension for being concerned with our “freedom” and “liberty” and “civil rights”.  (Maybe we should start burning restaurants to the ground in the name of our “civil rights” instead.  That seems to be in vogue these days.)  And here I stand like Commander Riker, as the woman in the asylum tells him she knows he really isn’t crazy because she also isn’t crazy…right before she uses a kitchen utensil to try to contact the mothership.

And the same thing applies to the current state of race relations.  Violent criminals are not sympathetic victims of an oppressive system.  Professional athletes who became millionaires playing a sport are not victims of an oppressive system.  Injustice against a person does not give anyone the right to perpetuate injustice and hate against some else.  Just because a business owner carries an insurance policy doesn’t make it okay for an angry mob to loot or torch their business.  No one will take you seriously if you behave like a violent barbarian in the name of love and peace.

But someone reading this right now thinks I’m a racist and a bigot for pointing out all these facts.  We weren’t allowed to discuss the murder of a 5-year-old boy by his black neighbor because his killer was arrested.  Never mind that the men responsible for George Floyd’s death were also arrested and will face prosecution; we’re just supposed to keep pretending that this is all still about him.  They think that to deny being a racist just makes a person even more of a racist, and they won’t be happy until we all say we’re racists so they can condemn us for saying we’re racists.

How many more lies will we be asked to affirm?  They insist gender is fluid and we’re supposed to go along with it.  They insist biological sex is a social construct and we’re supposed to go along with it.  They want to riot and loot and pillage and tear down civilization just because they are consumed by anger, hatred, and self-loathing, and we’re supposed to go along with it.  And the people who are truly crazy do keep going along with it, constantly changing what they believe and how they live to keep up with whatever they’re told next.  Is it hypocrisy, or is it some sort of cognitive dissonance bordering on psychosis?  I honestly can’t tell anymore. 

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